Mechanical Engineering Services

GT Engineering staff members have a broad background in the fundamentals of mechanical engineering, with expertise in design and failure analysis of machinery, components, systems, and processes. Such services include, the evaluation of products such as vehicles, industrial machines, construction equipment, marine vessels, appliances, tools, refrigeration system, and consumer products.

Our professionals are experienced in safety assessment, including issues related to risk analysis, instructions and warnings, and machine guarding.

Mechanical engineers at GT Engineering have expertise not only in design, manufacturing, and construction, but also in operation, performance and maintenance of machinery and vehicles.

Expert Services

Forensic Engineering

The application of engineering principles to the investigation of materials, products, structures, components, or processes that fail, causing injury or property damage.

Failure Analysis

The process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of a failure, frequently with the goal of determining corrective actions.

Reverse Engineering

The process of analyzing a product to extract design information for the purpose of reproducing or improving the product.

Patent Litigation Support

The application of engineering principles in support of litigation concerning patent infringement, defense, or patentability.

A Closer Look

Machine Design Analysis

We at GT Engineering have the expertise to analyze the design of failed machine components to determine whether the failure could be attributed to shortcomings in design or manufacture, or whether it was due to misuse, lack of maintenance, material choice, or other factors involving the users or the environment in which it was used.

Stress Analysis

GT Engineering often determines the loads, forces, deflections and stresses in components and structures in order to determine why something failed or how it might it might be at risk to fail. These capabilities include the use of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) methods for mathematical modeling of complex structures and components.

Walkway Traction and Design (Slips and Trips)

GT Engineering staff are experts in the evaluation of slip, trip, and fall incidents from the standpoint of walkway, stairway, and ramp design, construction, code compliance, and frictional characteristics.

Warnings, Instructions, and Guarding

The presence and design of warnings, instructions, and guarding are often central to the evaluation of safety during a product investigation. GT Engineering professionals have the expertise to evaluate these issues from an engineering perspective and provide opinions regarding their use and appropriateness.

Vehicular Accident Analysis and Reconstruction

GT Engineering specializes in automotive and vehicular design analysis and accident reconstruction.

Automobile, truck, trailer, and RV accident investigations often focus on determination of design adequacy, component failures and/or collision dynamics. Critical components such as brakes, steering systems, suspensions, and tires are examined for failures and their potential contribution to vehicle loss-of-control incidents. Collision speeds and angles are determined by analytical and computer accident reconstruction techniques that require precise mapping of skidmarks and crash damage, as well as thorough understanding of vehicle dynamics.

Forensic Engineering

GT Engineering has vast experience providing technical support to clients in legal cases. These matters often involve accident site investigations, mechanical, chemical and materials analyses of products and processes, review and interpretation of codes and standards, and technical reporting. We have served as expert witnesses in court providing unbiased and scientifically sound opinions in numerous cases involving product failure, industrial accidents, materials evaluation, structural failure, accident reconstruction, fires, and explosions.

Failure Analysis

GT Engineering has performed thousands of failure analysis investigations for legal, insurance, industrial, corporate, public, and private organizations. Our work in these matters has involved the analysis of material fractures, mechanical failures, and accidents for all manner of materials, engineered products, machinery and processes.

Reverse Engineering

There are many uses for reverse engineering analysis from determining how to improve an existing product to recreating a product no longer available to analyzing a competitor’s product for comparison. GT Engineering has the capabilities to determine how a component mechanically functions, what it is made from, the mechanical properties of the component, and how it was manufactured. We can also analyze the stresses in the component to determine likely failure modes and locations as well as the design limitations. We can offer advice on improving the strength and durability of a component as well as offering alternative materials and manufacturing methods.


GT Engineering experts have a rare combination of academic research, teaching and industrial experience that make us well qualified to provide opinions and services related to patent law. GT Engineering experts have experience as inventors, supporting patent infringement cases and inter partes reviews.