Fire Services

GT Engineering applies a deep understanding of fire science to determining fire origin and cause, analysis of fire evidence, and vehicle fire investigation. This involves expertise in the understanding of fuel and ignition sources, fire propagation, structural and vehicle systems, and fire investigation processes, codes and standards.

Expert Services

Forensic Engineering

The application of engineering principles to the investigation of materials, products, structures, components, or processes that fail, causing injury or property damage.

Failure Analysis

The process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of a failure, frequently with the goal of determining corrective actions.

Reverse Engineering

The process of analyzing a product to extract design information for the purpose of reproducing or improving the product.

Patent Litigation Support

The application of engineering principles in support of litigation concerning patent infringement, defense, or patentability.

A Closer Look


GT Engineering provides forensic and investigative expertise in the analysis of explosions involving chemical and mechanical means. These include fuel gases such as natural gas and propane, flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline or diesel fuel, and over-pressurization incidents involving the destruction of boilers or pressure vessels. Our staff has investigated explosions in residential properties, commercial structures, stationary above-ground and underground storage tanks, power plant boilers, industrial processing equipment, truck-mounted propane tanks, and a variety of other settings.

Origin & Cause Analysis

GT Engineering provides the competence, experience, and facilities to determine the origin and cause (O&C) of fires and explosions in residential, commercial, and industrial structures and machinery, as well as in vehicles and marine vessels. From field investigation of O & C at the scene to sophisticated laboratory engineering analysis of fire evidence, our staff has the technical depth to handle the most complex investigations and applies the right approach for your case and budget.

Vehicle Fire Analysis

GT Engineering has particular expertise in the determination of cause and the analysis of vehicle fires, including collision and non-collision vehicle fire investigations in automobiles, commercial vehicles, RVs and ATVs. Our staff has conducted research, published papers, and taught courses in various aspects of the field, some of which is chronicled in a website that we co-developed under a contract with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to train their vehicle fire investigators.

Forensic Engineering

GT Engineering has vast experience providing technical support to clients in legal cases. These matters often involve accident site investigations, mechanical, chemical and materials analyses of products and processes, review and interpretation of codes and standards, and technical reporting. We have served as expert witnesses in court providing unbiased and scientifically sound opinions in numerous cases involving product failure, industrial accidents, materials evaluation, structural failure, accident reconstruction, fires, and explosions.