Our Services

Investigation of accidents, failures, and fires involving products, machines, vehicles, and structures is the core of our services and expertise.

Analysis often addresses issues of design, manufacture, use, operational environment, and maintenance. The process is supported through meticulous investigative research, proper scientific reasoning, and is often aided by use of state-of-the-art engineering techniques including finite element analysis of stress and strain, vibration analysis, and automobile accident reconstruction. In house materials and chemistry laboratories provide support for our services.

For specific questions regarding GT Engineering services, please contact:

Brian Flinn, PE, PhD

Principal Materials Scientist and Engineer

Email Brian: bflinn@gt-engineering.com

Robert Scheibe, PE, PhD

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Email Robert: rscheibe@gt-engineering.com

Dale Clark, MEng, PE

Mechanical Engineer and Materials Scientist

Email Dale: dclark@gt-engineering.com